You are 18 years old, up for an adventure and selected to explore Europe with DiscoverEU, an initiative of the European Union allowing around 15,000 young people to receive a travel pass for this summer.

This website is dedicated for those young people who have been awarded one of the free travel tickets.

If you’re part of the awardees, you have received an invitation email from Make sure to use the invitation to complete the final steps to complete your booking form!

How to know if you’ve been awarded?

How do I know I am one of the awarded participants?

Between 28 June 2018 and 6 July 2018, all applicants receive a notification from the European Youth Portal via email stating whether:

  • they have been selected for travelling (‘selected participants’)
  • they have not been selected and have been put on a reserve list

Did you not receive an email? The list of the codes of the selected participants and the reserve list are published on the European Youth Portal. Find your application code (received when submitting the application on the European Youth Portal) to verify whether you have been selected or not.

How do I know whether I am on the reserve list?

The list of the codes of the reserve list are published on the European Youth Portal.

Find your application code (received when submitting the application on the European Youth Portal) to verify whether you have been put on the reserve list.

I am on the reserve list, what are my chances of being offered a travel ticket?

The chances of actually being offered a travel ticket depend on the following two factors:

  • How many awarded participants don’t confirm their place: Reserve participants are offered tickets left unused by awarded participants.
  • The value of the tickets awarded: If the value of the tickets awarded to the selected participants is lower than the maximum value envisaged under this initiative, the European Commission may award tickets to applicants placed on the reserve list up to the complete use of the available funds. For this purpose, travel bookings and budget consumption will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

What to do when awarded?

I am an awarded participant, how do I complete my travel booking?

The DiscoverEU Travel Team will get in touch with you via an invitation email to organise the booking of your trip. In order to complete your booking, you will need to follow the link in the invitation email to complete the final steps to receive your travel ticket.

You will be contacted in the order of the preferred travel time indicated in your application form. Therefore, don’t worry if you did not yet receive your invitation to complete your booking. All participants who are on the awarded list will be contacted in July.

I am part of a group, how do I proceed?

If you applied as a group, this means that your whole group has been awarded the travel pass and the group leader will be contacted by the DiscoverEU Travel Team, via an invitation email.

The group leader will need to send the instructions to complete the booking process to each of the group members.

As each group member will need to verify his/her identity, each individual needs to go through the process of completing final steps in order to confirm their travel booking.

Why do I need to complete my travel booking within 5 days?

Upon receiving the invitation email, you are requested to respond within 5 days by completing the booking form.

We ask you to respond promptly, in order to guarantee that the maximum number of participants get to travel. Participants who no longer want to travel, can let us

I am awarded but can‘t or don’t want to travel any longer. Can I give my ticket to someone else?

Each travel ticket will be nominative and cannot be transferred to another person under any circumstance. This means that you cannot extend your Travel Code to someone else, nor can you change the name on the travel ticket when issued.

If you do not plan to use your awarded ticket, we kindly ask you to let the DiscoverEU Travel Team know, in order for us to transfer your travel ticket to someone on the reserve list.

I am awarded as an individual, but want to travel in a group. What do I do?

When choosing the flexible travel option, which is the DiscoverEU Interrail Travel Pass, you will be able to travel in groups, and change groups and direction while travelling.

Each participant will need to register separately. Already know who you want to travel with? Make sure to put the same start date when completing your booking form!

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Common Questions

Common questions will help you find a answers to questions you might have about the booking process, as well as FAQs on the DiscoverEU Interrail Pass and on Point-to-Point travel.

Travel Information

The travel information package we have put together for you will help you find answers to questions relating to how to travel safely, travel insurance, tips on how to book accommodation and more.

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Our support team can be contacted for questions which you are unable to find an answer to on this website.

You can expect a reply on working days. This means between 9:00 – 18:00, Brussels time, Monday through Friday.

Replies will be prioritised based on the urgency of your question. In general, you will receive a reply within 48 hours, based on the above mentioned office hours.

You and the EU

Be a #DiscoverEU Ambassador

DiscoverEU Ambassador – what’s this?

You are now one of our first DiscoverEU Ambassadors! You have the unique opportunity to take part in the DiscoverEU project. In the future, however, we want to give even more young people the chance to discover our European continent. As a DiscoverEU Ambassador, you play an important role in this. What do we expect from you? We invite you to share your travel experiences and share enthusiasm with other people. This can be done before, during and after your journey.

Advocate online

There are many online and offline ways of fulfilling your role as a DiscoverEU Ambassador. Use for example the hashtag #DiscoverEU in your communication on Instagram and other social media. You can also use the DiscoverEU Facebook frame when you post a picture online and join the DiscoverEU Facebook Group. Be active on Twitter.

Advocate offline

But also offline there are many ways of being active as a DiscoverEU Ambassador. Give a presentation about your experiences at your (former) school for example. Besides, during your trip through Europe, you will probably meet tons of people at events, in hostels, on the street and at unexpected places. Word-of-mouth advertising works best, so spread the word!

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