What are the steps of the booking process?

How do I start the booking process?

You (will) receive(d) an email invitation with your personal booking form link.

In order to complete the travel booking, you’ll need to plan a few things. The most important is to have an identity card or ready, and know which travel option you want.

Below you’ll find a brief overview of the main differences between the flexible and fixed travel option.

  • In most cases, the flexible travel, an Interrail Mobile Pass is the most beneficial. It’s an Interrail Mobile Pass which allows you to travel to multiple destinations on up to 7 days within a 1-month period.
  • The fixed travel, point-to-point travel is a lot more limited in flexibility and number of available destinations due to budget limitations. You should keep in mind that destinations far away from your point of departure are most likely not within budget. Therefore, point-to-point travel is ideal for trips to a nearby destination (such as a neighbouring country).

Want more, detailed information? Have a look at the Help Center, where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What are the main differences between flexible and fixed travel?

Flexible travel option

DiscoverEU Interrail Pass

Be wherever you want to be,
full flexibility.

  • Travel without pre-set dates and destinations

    Confirm your Interrail Mobile Pass (mPass), and complete your research later on. You can activate your Pass up until the day you start travelling. During your travel, plan as you go along, change directions and let the journey take its own course.

  • Travel on 7 days

    You can use the Pass on 7 days of your choice during a set period of 1 month. Travel on back-to-back, consecutive days, or spread them out during the month.

  • Travel with whom you want

    It’s up to you to choose whether you travel alone, with a companion or in a group. You can choose how and who you travel with, and change this mid-way your trip.

  • Travel in Country of Residence

    Your Pass may only be used for two specific trips in your country of residence (referred to as the outbound and inbound journey). You can travel from any location in the country of residence to the border or an airport or port, you may travel with more than one train, provided the trips are within the same day.

  • Travel at your own pace

    With the Travel Pass you can linger longer in a city, or leave earlier from a destination than you planned. Experiencing a hick-up in your travels, such as a delayed or cancelled train? You can take the next train, or change your traject.

  • Important to Know

    Before boarding a train, bus, or boat, each journey must be recorded on the Rail Planner App under the ‘My Trip’ section.

    No supplements for train reservations or other costs encountered before or during the journey will be covered by the European Commission.

Fixed travel option

Point-to-Point Tickets

Fixed and set option,
your itinerary can’t be modified.

  • Travel according to pre-set destinations

    Research and plan your trip before confirming your travel tickets.

    Your travel itinerary will be booked with point-to-point tickets, and will not be able to be modified.

  • Travel according to a fixed planning

    You know when you want to travel.
    You have your dates ready, have a fixed itinerary and are prepared to commit to a specific date and train.

  • Travel in group

    Only those who have been awarded as a group will be able to travel in group. In order for you to travel in a group, all individuals in the group must make sure to complete the travel booking form.

  • Travel in Country of Residence

    Your outbound and inbound journey will be booked as point-to-point tickets. You can travel with more than one train, providing that your first destination is abroad.

  • Travel modifications

    Tickets will be booked at specific-train-only, no-changes-to-travel-plans basis. No supplements for modifications, new reservations or other costs encountered during the journey will be covered by the European Commission.

  • Important to Know

    Point-to-point travel itineraries will be restricted to trains who allow online booking of tickets.

    In case of cancellations or delays, the traveler should contact the transportation company directly. Find out more about the EU Passenger Rights here.